We've Taken the Guesswork out of the Loan Options Process for Your Clients

Gibraltar Mortgage Services has launched a new tool – the Gibraltar Customer Portal – that delivers a convenient, stress-free, and transparent experience to your home buyers!


When your clients work with us, they immediately receive instructions on how to access their personal Gibraltar Customer Portal account. From that time forward, they hear from us on important dates, milestones and action items, and have access to a wealth of information about their mortgage process.

The secure Portal allows you to take a photo of paystubs, bank statements, and other documents needed for the mortgage process – then send it all directly to us. Our encryption technology takes the fear and worry out of sending sensitive documents via fax or mail; borrowers no longer have to worry about private banking information getting into the wrong hands.

The ability to upload documents straight to this portal also saves time, and removes the need to meet face-to-face with a Mortgage Loan Originator. Of course, your Gibraltar Loan Originator is always pleased to meet with you, if you prefer!

Our system’s message center regularly notifies borrowers as to where the loan is in the process. For example, borrowers know when an appraisal arrived to us or whether the loan is “cleared to close.” They can also send messages to Stearns. These email communications also facilitate downloading of required disclosure documents and other paperwork from us.

Real estate professionals and builder site agents benefit from this new tool, too! Because the Gibraltar Customer Portal keeps your clients informed from the moment a loan application is submitted through the closing of the loan, there is less uncertainty during the home-buying process. That can translate into fewer phone calls, texts and emails from worried buyers asking if you have information about the status of their transaction.

The Gibraltar Customer Portal is all about delivering unsurpassed customer service to your clients. And, it helps you be more productive, as you save time previously spent relaying information and soothing the concerns of buyers.

Taking the guesswork out of getting a mortgage is just one of many ways that Gibraltar can help you! Call your mortgage loan originator today for more information.

- By Lauren Howey, Apr 04, 2016