5 Tips To Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

Love is in the air, and we have five tips to help get that tingly feeling you had when you first saw your home and knew that it was the one for you.

Declutter & Organize

It is amazing how much stuff we collect over time that we don't even use anymore. Decluttering, organizing, and donating not only blesses others and makes you feel good; it will likely make your home feel more spacious and increase your enjoyment. If this sounds overwhelming, work on one room at a time. Start with the least cluttered room so you can finish quickly and feel motivated to tackle more rooms. Have each child help to organize their bedroom, and visiting the thrift store with you to donate their unwanted toys and clothes.

Rearrange Furniture

Get a new perspective on a room by rearranging the furniture. If your furniture is too heavy, or a room is not flexible, for example, your bedroom only has one wall suitable to place your bed, consider adding floor and table lights to add dimension rather than rely on ceiling lights. New throw pillows and rugs can be purchased inexpensively at discount home décor stores for a new pop of color.

Add Flower Power

Flowers always brighten a space. Adding homegrown flowers to a room, let's you still enjoy them while your indoors and won't break the bank. If you don't have a green thumb, realistic faux flowers are a great alternative, especially in winter, to add seasonal color to your home.

Freshen Up Your Art

Sometimes a room simply needs a facelift that can be accomplished by changing out or rearranging your hanging art. If you want the flexibility to change your art frequently, and avoid nailing & patching holes each time, consider adding gallery wall shelves.

Make Your Home Scentsational

Certain scents can evoke a memory of baking cookies with your grandmother or transport you back to your favorite vacation. Make your house a home with your favorite scent. Whether you prefer oil burners, diffusers, or candles, choose a scent that you love and will soothe your soul.

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- Feb 12, 2020